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Fix Paste

Hairgum Sculpt Gel

Sculpt Gel

Mat Paste

  • Normal Hold,
  • Mat Effect,
  • Washes out with first shampoo,
  • For all hair types,
  • Concentrated professional formula.
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The brand with the airplane is famous and appreciated in the men’s hairstyling world as the precursor of hair pomade, for more than 30 years now.

This hairstyling paste will be great to create fabulous structured and non-greasy hairstyles.

The Hairgum Mat Paste is perfect for finishing touches. It allows to fix and comb your hair. Its professional formula is concentrated. It is commonly called the « next generation » of non-greasy styling waxes. This styling paste can be easily removed with first shampoo thanks to its non-greasy water based texture.

Mattifying effect and nice hairstyles guaranteed with this product.

The vanilla-mint fragrance is enchanting.

More Information
Usage tips

Preferably apply the Hairgum Mat Paste on short dry hair.

Take a small amount of product, warm it in the palm of your hands and then comb your hair from roots to ends.

As our professional formula is highly concentrated, just use a small amount of product especially if you do not want a greasy look.


Mineral Wax : The Mineral Wax used in the Hairgum Mat Paste has been selected to get the best hair shaping effect.

Our Mineral Wax is combined with a blend of purified and refined waxes and oils of mineral origin.

White Clay (Kaolin) : The White Clay used in the Hairgum Mat Paste has been selected for its cleansing and purifying properties. Suitable for greasy or dry hair, the White Clay makes the hair soft and absorbs sebum excess.

Tapioca Starch : The Tapioca Starch used in the Hairgum Mat Paste was selected for its mattifying properties. It is extracted from the roots of cassava.


Other ingredients : click here


PAO : 6 months

Use Cautions

Only for hair. Close after use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water.

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