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Hairgum Origines Shaving Towel

  • Travel Size,
  • 100% Cotton
  • For hair, face and beard.
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The brand with the airplane is famous and appreciated in the men's hairstyling qworld as the precursor of hair pomade, for more than 30 years now.

In 2018, the brand went for a new challenge: creating a whole collection carrying at the same time for both men and the environment. that's how the Hairgum Origines Collection was born.

This 100% Cotton Shavint Towel can be used for beard, face and shaving.

The Hairgum Origines Shaving Towel is 100% cotton made. It will provide you comfort in your shaving or beard beauty routine. Experiment the professional barber know-how to home. Easy to carry, take the Shaving Towel with you everywhere you go.

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Usage tips

The Hairgum Origines Shaving Towel is used before shaving to prepare your skin. Moisten with hot water the towel and apply onto your face. It is also ideal after the shower to dry your beard before applying your Hairgum Origines Beard Oil.

It is also used after shaving to relax and soothes the skin. Moisten wwith warm water and apply to your face.

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