The straight razor is the original, classic shaving tool. Sometimes called a “cut-throat” or “open” razor, it is still the best tool for a precise, quality and long-lasting shave. Shaving with a straight razor usually takes around 30 minutes.



Shaving with a straight razor should always be done carefully - their blades are extremely sharp, so make sure you take your time and have everything you need close at hand (shaving cream or beard soap, shaving brush, towel, etc.)


Prepare your skin: apply a thick layer of cream or soap to your face (for information about pre-shave skincare, jump to: “Shaving: first steps”)

Use your other hand to stretch your skin so it’s slightly taut, in order to avoid cuts.

Make sure you hold the razor correctly : Hold the razor at a 30° angle to your face. Place your thumb on the heel, just beneath the shoulder. Place your index and fore fingers on the shoulder, and your ring and pinky finger on either side of the tang. Don’t force or push the razor, as it is very easy to cut yourself this way - just place the blade against your skin.

Go over your face with the razor three times:. Once with the grain, once sideways, and once against the grain. Be sure to re-apply shaving cream between each pass. The number of strokes you need will depend on how thick your hair is and how experienced you are with the razor.

Once you’ve finished shaving, hydrate your skin with an aftershave cream.

It’s important to look after your equipment -always rinse the razor and dry it off, as a wet blade will eventually rust. If possible, store your razor in a dry place. One last piece of advice: if your razor slips out of your hands, don’t try to catch it!