Gel works with all hair types, for men and women alike. Gel is well-known for keeping your hair in place for hours, or even the whole day. Extra-strong hold gels are better for short hair. However, be careful: some gels are designed for specific needs, especially for more sensitive scalps/hair, and are alcohol-free, or specifically for kids. You should also make sure you pick the right gel for your style: wet look, extra-strong hold... Gel also comes in different forms: gel or liquid (spray).


Pros: Strong hold, better to sculpt a hairstyle, wet-look that young people like. Perfect for fine hair, contrary to wax. Cons: Can create dandruffs, doesn’t last as long, less natural. Urban legend: “Gel can make you lose your hair!” Gel can weaken your hair as it prevents it from “breathing”. However, if you wash it out regularly, your hair will stay just as healthy as it has always been. Be careful not to use too much product as usually a knob is enough. How to wash out gel properly? With shampoo and, ideally, a hair scrub. Less efficient but easier, you can also comb your hair with a very thin comb to get rid of the residue. If your hair is fragile or very dry, use an alcohol-free gel - alcohol is the most aggressive ingredient.


The way to apply gel depends on the gel itself and the hairstyle you’re going for. Most of the time, you can apply the gel first and then shape your hair streak after streak. Here are some styling techniques...

Take a knob of gel and spread it on your hands. Run your hands through your hair...


  • - For a small puff, go from front to back and then again from back to front. Shape the “puff” with your fingers, from the roots up.
  • - For the classic “spikes”: from front to back, then back to front, and then once again from front to back.
  • - For a mohawk: same process as the spikes, then gather the sides in the middle. In the case of cowlicks, flatten them on the side. Tip: to make sure that your mohawk is well-centered, use your nose as a point of reference.


The effect and the fixation are the 2 elements to consider in choosing your pomade your hair fixing gel. Among the Hairgum hair gels, opt for...